Take The Road Less Travelled To See The True Beauty Of Europe

Take The Road Less Travelled To See The True Beauty Of Europe

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to tour the world and visit new countries gaining new experiences. And one of the most commonly toured parts of the world is Europe, with countries like France seeing almost 82 million visitors a year. But beyond the beauty and charm of places such as France and Paris, and the typical countries and cities o everyone’s Europe travel plans, there are quieter and even more stunning places that a traveller can explore in Europe, which may also be significantly cheaper for the traveller. To find out quaint and less travelled locations in Europe waiting to be explored, read more!

I am bored with the usual places in Europe as I’ve already been to them. Where else can I go?

The good thing about Europe is that it is massive and has a plethora of wonderful options to choose from. If you’re looking to explore places beyond the traditionally visited ones, remember to check these out as a part of your travel plan!

  1. Zagreb: The stunning metropolis of Croatia, Zagreb, is often missed out of most common holiday tours and programmes. However, this bustling city is absolutely stunning if a traveller wants an immersive European experience. Zagreb is also extremely affordable, being voted as one of the cheapest European cities to live in. You can have your fun at Zagreb and feel European, but not go broke doing so!
  2. Split: Another city in Croatia which may not bustle like the city of Zagreb, but is still an amazing choice if the traveller wants to witness a European coastal city filled with tradition, culture, friendly people and amazing food. If you want a real European experience, remember to visit Zagreb!
  3. Gdansk, Poland: The place where the first shots of World War II were fired, Gdansk is a must visit place for history buffs as it is also where the Solidarnosc movement started. The beauty of Gdansk’s little churches, exquisite museums and friendly people cannot be overstated.
  4. Skopje, Macedonia: Google Skopje and find a plethora of the most beautiful pictures you could possibly set your eyes on. Whether it be the mountains or the lakes, or the cobblestone streets littered with ancient structures and quaint churches, it truly looks like a picture from a postcard.
  5. Salzburg, Austria: Unfortunately, this stunning city with its beautiful mountains is rarely on anyone’s Europe travel plans. However, this stunning place has a plethora of stunning cathedrals, forts and historical places apart from the mountains. The whole city can easily be explored for its food, people, culture, and architecture, and its resplendence is sure to take you on another journey altogether.

If you are planning to Europe any time soon, remember to research into these quaint places as well and not stick to the same old beaten path. While it is important and quite obvious that one would want to visit the traditionally popular places in Europe, it also helps to consider picking a couple of off-beat places as a part of your trip to ensure that it is truly a fun and immersive European visit.

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