Places You Cannot Possibly Ignore On Your Travel To Europe

Places You Cannot Possibly Ignore On Your Travel To Europe

A travel plan on everyone’s bucket list is a trip to Europe in their lifetime. The only problem with travelling to Europe is that it is massive, and quite often considered expensive. However, with the right amount of planning and picking the most suitable places, and finding the best accommodation, a person’s travel to Europe can not only be beautiful and exquisite, but also economical. To know which places one must definitely include as a part of their Europe trip Itinerary, read more!

The must visit places

Europe has certain cities and countries that one cannot possibly miss while touring Europe. Although usually uniformly beautiful, make sure to consider include these places as a part of your travel plan.

  1. Paris: Paris is one of the prettiest places to be, literally and figuratively. Whether it is the quaint cafes or the wine, the pastries or the food, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Also known for its vibrant cultural history and past, the museums here are wonderful to visit and are truly a spectacle.
  2. Rome: Do you want to be transported into what seems like an era of enlightenment and wonder? Then you cannot possibly ignore Rome. With the St. Peters Basilica, colosseum, and other wondrous creations of mankind, visiting Rome is one of the greatest historical experiences that one can ever face. The beauty of Rome cannot be overstated and must be included as a part of any Europe plan.
  3. Venice: At Venice, you can enjoy the quaint beauty of a romantic city with a gondola ride along the canal. But do not mistake Venice for gondola rides there is a minute part of the experience! Littered with culture, theatres, art, music, and books are extremely prevalent in Venice, providing not just a quaint and romantic experience for its visitors, but also an extremely rich cultural experience.
  4. Barcelona: If you are a football fan, you know you cannot possibly miss out on Barcelona from your list! But apart from football, Barcelona also has some other pretty cool historical sites, monuments, museums and vibrant food and culture of its own. Make sure to check those out while visiting Barcelona. The people are fun, and the food is amazing!
  5. Greece (Santorini): The whole of Greece is beautiful and rich in cultural history, as one can easily expect from the country that gave the world the beginning of philosophy with Plato, geometry, sciences, and art. The country is still absolutely gorgeous, with the Santorini beaches in specific forming an exquisite picture like a postcard.
  6. Turkey: Turkey, lying on the cusp of Asia and Europe is almost like a window into the rest of Europe. Remember to check out the Bosphorous strait that includes a small part of both Asia and Europe and take a small cruise on it. Turkey also has amazing markets, food, and is an amazing cultural experience overall. The mosques with stained glass ceilings, the food, and the people are surely going to make you want to come back.

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